Properties for Licenses on Apply Allocations and Exemptions Page

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

This page displays the following columns (listed alphabetically). Some columns are displayed by default and others can be displayed through the column chooser. To manage columns and other UI options, see the topics under Managing Columns in a Table.

For details on any of the following fields, see All Licenses.

Column name Notes

Indicates whether this row of the table records an allocation of a license entitlement to the inventory device or user. (Allocations are independent of installations.)

Allocation reason Documents the reason why a user or device has been allocated to a license.

The Allocation reason can be added and edited in the Consumption tab of a license, and the Apply Allocation & Exemptions allocate wizard.

Allocation type Indicates the type of allocation, which can be:
  • Allocated — The device/user may consume only from this license, and has top priority for consumption here; but the consumption count depends on there being a matching installation/usage record (depending on license type).
  • Awaiting inventory — As above, plus when the first matching inventory record is received, this type is automatically converted to Allocated.
  • Permanent — The device/user may consume only from this license, and has top priority for consumption here; and the allocation is always counted as consumption, regardless of what does or does not appear in inventory.

Indicates if this row of the table represents consumption of an entitlement from the named license, as at the most recent license consumption calculation. Consumption may be calculated based either on allocation or installation alone, or on the combination of both.

Exempted Indicates if this row of the table includes an exemption from consuming an entitlement from the linked license. This column shows Yes both for:
  • Exemptions created manually in the Consumption tab of the license properties (these changes show up immediately after you refresh the Apply Allocations and Exemptions page)
  • Exemptions based on device roles and the product use rights of the license (any changes here only appear in the listing after the next license consumption calculation).
Exemption reason

The reason why the individual computer or user is exempt from consuming an entitlement under this license, even though the application is in use. When this column is blank, application use on this computer, or by this user, can count towards consumption of the license.

The Exemption reason may be set on the Consumption tab of the license properties; or it may be based on the setting of the device role which matches an exemption reason identified in the product use rights of the license.

Installed/Allocated Indicates the record is an installation, an allocation (without an installation) or both.
  • Installed — Describes an installation record
  • Allocated — Describes an allocation without an installation
  • Both — Describes an installation with an allocation.
License name
The relevant license:
  • That the installation consumes from
  • On which an exemption has been granted that applies to the user/device in this row
  • From which an allocation has been made to the user/device in this row.
(The relationship with the license may be any one, or any combination, of these factors.)
License type

The kind of license, which determines what properties are available for the license, and how compliance is calculated for the license. For details of an individual license type, please see the appropriate entry in the glossary.


Displays whether the latest compliance calculation found evidence of use (by default, within the last three months) of the application linked to the license listed in this row.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)