Terms and Conditions Tab

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The Terms and conditions tab allows you to track the terms of the contract (outside the agreement document itself), including drawing attention to the expiry of time-related terms.

The tab shows a list of terms and conditions (T&Cs) already created for this contract, and allows you to create new T&Cs directly.

To create a new term or condition for this contract, click Create. A new Create a term or condition pane expands at top of the tab, displaying the properties of the term or condition that you can set. Complete the details as described in the list below, and click Add to insert your new T&C into the list below.

The same properties are available for display in the list. Some are displayed by default, and others are available in the column chooser. They are described here in editing order.

Property Editing Notes
Begin date

If the term or condition has its own effective date (especially when different than the Start date of the overall contract), record it here. You might also use this, in conjunction with the end date, to set a window for action.

Type in the begin date for the term/condition, or click the calendar icon at the right of the field to pick the date.


(Not available in lists.)

Any explanation you wish to record for this term or condition. These comments are not available elsewhere in Management mode, although you may include them in Reports.

Enter text as you wish.


The briefest, plain-language summary of this term of the contract. Example: Contract expires automatically if not renewed at least 30 days before

Since this value is displayed in lists, keep it as brief as possible while still being meaningful. Restrict each of these terms and conditions to represent a single point from the contract. (The full text of each T&C is in the contract document, which can be referenced next.)

Doc reference (Heading in list is Document reference)

A cross-reference to the source for this term, normally a section within the contract agreement. Example: Clause 18(c)(iii)

Enter the reference in any form useful to you.

End date

The date when this particular term or condition no longer applies (particularly when this date is distinct from the Expiry date of the overall contract).

Type in the end date for the term/condition, or click the calendar icon at the right of the field to pick the date.

Type (Heading in list is Terms and conditions type)

The general nature of this term or condition.

Click the down arrow at the right of the field to choose one of the options:
  • Acceptance Period
  • Cancellation
  • Expiry
  • Limitation
  • Obligation
  • Price Change
  • Renewal
  • Review.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)