Create an Inventory Device

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
Tip: Typically you do not need to manually create records of inventory devices. Most often, each record is created automatically when a device discovered on your network returns its first inventory. However, you may wish to create records manually for special cases, such as mobile devices not linked to your network, stand-by devices that are normally powered down when discovery is underway, or newly-acquired devices being prepared for service.
When you want to create new inventory device records manually, one way is to click Create an Inventory Device under the Discovery & Inventory menu. The Create an Inventory Device page appears with the Device type drop-down list, where you select the type of device to create from the following:
  • Computer
  • Mobile device
  • Virtual Machine
  • VM Host.
After making your selection, click Continue.
An alternative path is to click the Create an Inventory device button on any of the following pages:
  • Inventory Issues
  • Out-Of-Date Inventory
  • Inventory without Assets
  • Active Inventory
  • Ignored Inventory
  • All Inventory.

This button reveals the same choices for the type of device to create.

In either case, IT Asset Management displays the inventory device properties appropriate for the type of inventory device you selected.

Enter the field values (across all the tabs), and click Create to save the new inventory device record. For more information about individual properties, start with Inventory Device Properties, or click the help button for the appropriate tab of properties.

Restriction: You cannot create "remote devices" manually. Remote devices are those that access applications remotely through a Citrix XenApp server, but do not report inventory of their own. Such devices are automatically created by IT Asset Management.
Tip: If you omit some essential details (such as a serial number) while creating an inventory device, IT Asset Management flags issues on the inventory device properties after creation. Any inventory device record saved with issues is also listed on the Inventory Issues page.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)