Inventory Device Roles

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The Inventory Device Roles page displays a list of all available device roles in IT Asset Management, and allows you to select what devices are counted as production or non-production roles for application recognition.

By default, production devices (devices used for inventory) are assigned the production role. The rest of the device roles listed in the column (Development, Test, Training and so on) are assigned non-production roles.

To view the Inventory device roles page, navigate to Management > Discovery & Inventory > Inventory Device Roles.

No save button is available after making changes. Making the check box selection will automatically save and enforce the change. In order to make changes, the user will need the correct Inventory Configure/Modify access permissions.

The following table lists the default columns that are available in the Inventory Device Roles page. To see other columns, move them out of the column chooser.

Table 1. Inventory Device Roles properties
Field Description
Name The following device role names are available by default:
Note: Device role names cannot be modified. New device role names cannot be added.
  • Backup / Archive
  • Cold Standby / Disaster Recovery
  • Development
  • Hot Standby / Archive Fallover
  • Production
  • Test
  • Training
  • Warm Standby / Passive Fallover
Production To count a device as production, simply check the Production check box. To count a device as non-production, leave the Production check box unchecked.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)