Inventory Agent Automatic Deployment Cautions

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
Automatic upgrades (or downgrades) of policy-controlled installations of FlexNet inventory agent are available for each supported operating system platform (see the IT Asset Management System Requirements and Compatibility documentation for each release for the current version of IT Asset Management for a list of the supported operating system platforms). However, the following guidelines apply:
  • Avoid using automatic deployment by IT Asset Management when you are using third party tools to deploy FlexNet inventory agent, as conflicting specifications of the version to deploy can cause damage to the existing installation and upgrade failures.
  • If FlexNet inventory agent is installed on AIX or Linux platforms in a custom path, automatic upgrade by IT Asset Management is supported only for upgrades to FlexNet inventory agent version 13.2.0 or later (and depends on the config.ini file being available in its standard location, /var/opt/managesoft/etc). If you have specified an earlier target release of FlexNet inventory agent for AIX or Linux platforms where your installation uses a custom location, disable automatic upgrades for the affected platform(s).
Tip: This inventory setting grants permission (through policy) to the FlexNet inventory agents to perform self-upgrades or downgrades to the specified version. The setting, therefore, can only be put into effect on those platforms where the FlexNet inventory agent includes self-update functionality. Currently, FlexNet inventory agents on Debian or Ubuntu Linux do not include self-update functionality. The agents that have been installed for the least privilege operation mode on UNIX-like platforms are not able to perform self-updates either. In these cases, you can do any of:
  • Deploy new versions of FlexNet inventory agent manually
  • Use your preferred third-party deployment tool to publish updates to FlexNet inventory agents
  • Uninstall the old version(s) of FlexNet inventory agent, and once again target the devices for adoption through IT Asset Management.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)