IT Asset Management 2023 R2.5 (Cloud)

Trend data is represented in the form of line charts, and shows the monthly historical data over one year. The Estimated Savings vs. Classical Approach trend, shows, over time and by product, the difference between the "safe but expensive" and the "optimal license" consumption computed by the reports.

The Save By Taking Action: Top 5 trend, shows you the results of your optimization efforts. These efforts correspond to how you have optimized your infrastructure to minimise costs and license consumption. For example, if you had an optimization potential of 20 million dollars last year, but this year, your optimization potential is 5 million dollars. That means, by running the available optimization reports and moving the VMs to the best clusters and so on, you have saved 15 million dollars in a year. This effort is reflected in the line chart. Note: Overtime, the potential for optimization should decrease, based on your optimization efforts.

Note: Optimized data from the widgets and trend snapshots are stored in the DataWarehouse database, and sliced by enterprise groups.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)