IT Asset Management Settings: Cloud Service Providers Tab

IT Asset Management (Cloud)
The Cloud Service Providers tab on the IT Asset Management Settings General page lets you customize the list of cloud service providers. This list is made available:
  • In the General tab of the inventory device properties (see General Tab)
  • In the Use rights & rules tab of the license properties (for device-related licenses — see License Consumption Rules).
Inventory devices with such settings may only consume from licenses with settings that are aligned. For example, an inventory device with a Hosted in value of Amazon Web Services:
  • May not consume from a license for which only On-premises is selected
  • May consume from a license for which Any cloud service provider is selected
  • May only consume from a license for which (only) Selected cloud service providers is selected when the subselection includes Amazon Web Services.
Default cloud service providers

The service providers in this list are supplied as standard, and these cannot be edited. This group is purely informational.

Additional cloud service providers

This section allows you to customize the list, and also shows those cloud service providers that have already been added within your enterprise.
Tip: You cannot reorder the list of cloud service providers here. In license properties and inventory device properties, the default providers and additional providers are combined into a single list, ordered alphabetically.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)