Affinity Rules Tab

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The Affinity rules tab on the Cluster Properties page displays the host affinity of virtual machines to their respective virtual hosts. Host affinity enables you to bind a virtual machine to a virtual host. This page groups the virtual machine records by virtual host names and displays the host affinity status for each of them. You can change the host affinity for a virtual machine in the VM Properties tab of the inventory device properties. See Virtual Machines Tab. The host affinity assignment is represented by one of the following three icons:

  • Green disk — The virtual machine can travel to the current host
  • Red disk — The virtual machine is bound to its present host and cannot travel to any other host
  • Gray disk — The virtual machine is currently running on this host.

For more information about using lists, filters, and other UI options, see the topics under Using Lists in IT Asset Management.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)