VDIs Tab

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The VDIs tab displays a list of deployed VDIs from a template as reported in the most recent software inventory.

The VDI tab fields are presented in alphabetical order in the following table:

Table 1. VDIs tab details
Field Description
Access Mode The method that this device uses to access a software application (expected to be Citrix Virtual Desktops or Horizon Virtual Desktops)
Chosen for evidence

Confirms if software inventory was collected from the VDI device.

Yes means inventory was collected, No means no inventory was collected. If No is listed for all of the VDI devices, this indicates a gap in software inventory.

Only one VDI device will be chosen to represent the inventoried software for a VDI template. In the event that multiple VDI devices are inventoried, the VDI device that has been chosen will have Yes against it in this column. When choosing a VDI device, inventoried devices coming from the primary connection are prioritised, followed by inventory date.
Note: It is recommended to install the FlexNet inventory agent onto the VDI template (also referred to as the golden image virtual machine) to ensure that at least one or all of the VDI devices are inventoried. However, it is acceptable to install the FlexNet inventory agent on all of the VDI devices.

The qualified name of the domain that the VDI device is joined to.


The name of the virtual desktop infrastructure group that the end-user has access to.

Site The name of the site where the VDI data came from.
VDI device

Shows the name of the VDI device.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)