Application Publisher Tab

IT Asset Management (Cloud)

The Application Publisher tab of the Vendor Properties page shows you the application publisher associated with the vendor. For example, Microsoft is an application publisher and the corresponding vendor is Microsoft UK. The vendor is typically the local provider that has been imported during a purchase import.

The related publisher is calculated by analyzing existing purchase license and contract records and how they are linked to applications. The calculated publisher is re-assessed for each reconciliation.

Linking each vendor to an application publisher (when it is relevant) enables you to report the business information (contracts, purchases, licenses) against application publishers. This means that the Application Publisher screen provides summarized information for all application publishers in one place.

The calculated application publisher is read-only. However, if required, you can override the calculated application publisher by searching and selecting a different publisher. The user-defined application publisher takes precedence over the calculated publisher.

IT Asset Management (Cloud)