Recognition Data Import

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)

The Recognition data import scheduled task runs the application recognition and SKU library update tool. This tool downloads updates to the application recognition library (ARL), SKU library, and Product Use Rights Library (PURL) from the Flexera website into FlexNet Manager Suite.

You can use the Windows Scheduled Tasks system tool to modify the timing of the scheduled task or to modify the command-line options used with the update tool (MgsImportRecognition.exe). For more information, see the article Q207919, Manual PURL/SKU Download & Importer instructions for FNMP 9.0 - 9.2.3, in the Flexera Knowledge Base.

Run by: Microsoft Task Scheduler.

Default schedule: Disabled by default, but set to run weekly at 1:00:00 (24-hour format) each Sunday if enabled. If you are happy for updates to occur weekly, enable this task. If you prefer to control when updates occur, leave it disabled and execute it manually at times convenient to you.

Default command line:

"Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\Common\ndcrproc.exe"

-e "Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\MgsImportRecognition.exe"

-l "Prog-Drive:\Program Files\ManageSoft\DotNet\bin\MgsImportRecognition.exe" -o CREATE_NO_WINDOW=True