IBM RVU (license type)

Note: This license type is available only when you have licensed the FlexNet Manager for Datacenters product.
As for Custom Metric licenses, consumption for IBM Resource Value Unit licenses is not measured by installation or usage but by some other measure. You may select one of the measures (a Metric) from the list available in the Identification tab of the license properties (and updated through the downloadable libraries), or you may define your own metric (using the same control, as described in Adding or Editing a Custom Metric).

Unlike a Custom Metric license, an IBM RVU license is also a points license, and has one set of points rules attached. Different rules from the set are applied to provide volume discounts for resource being measured.

For example, if the measured resource is Per Premium Income ($US Billions) , one rule may specify 100 points consumed for the first billion, while others scale down to a mere 10 points per billion once you are measuring more than $15 billion in income.

Since these licenses do not use standard calculations, they are not updated by inventory imports. The value of the metric must be recorded in the Resources consumed field on the Identification tab of the license properties. (You may update this value manually, or for some resources you may be able to arrange for consumption to be updated by the Business Importer.) Using this value, FlexNet Manager Suite chooses the correct rules to use for calculating points consumed. Following the previous example, if your premium income was $2.2 billion, the following rules could apply:
  • 100 points/billion for the first half billion (50 points)
  • 130 points/billion for the second half billion (65 points)
  • 74 points/billion for the range 1-2 billion (74 points)
  • 46 points/billion for the range 2-3 billion (0.2 x 46 = 9.2 points).
As fractions are rounded up to the next whole number, the total is 199 points consumed in this example, applying four rules from the set.
Product use rights Downgrade rights, upgrade rights; both for record keeping purposes, with no effect on any calculations.
Group assignment Not supported.
License points, derived thus:
  • The amount of the named resource produced or consumed (entered in the Resources consumed field on the Identification tab of the license properties)
  • Looked up in the points rules attached to the license (through the Points rule set field on the Identification tab)
  • The rule gives the appropriate points for license consumption (displayed in the Consumed field on the Compliance tab).

Points assigned by the applicable points rule selected from the set attached to the license.


Compliant when Consumed is less than or equal to Total licensed.

Changing from

Points rules will be deleted. Scoping rules will be deleted. Allocations to computers may be deleted.

Changing to

You will need to define one or more points rules. You may want to allocate the license to computers.