Modifying SAP Connections

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)

SAP system connections are identified based on their system ID, client ID, and the SAP system landscape of the SAP system. Modifications to an SAP system connection on an inventory beacon are automatically sent to FlexNet Manager Suite where a new SAP system is created.

Important: Changes to the SAP suite type of existing SAP system connections are not automatically sent to FlexNet Manager Suite and must be manually adjusted on the FlexNet Manager SAP System page. See Synchronizing a System Landscape in the SAP Admin Module with FlexNet Manager Suitein the FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications 2019 R1 User Guide.

To modify an SAP connection:

  1. On the inventory beacon, from the Windows Start menu, run FlexNet Beacon.
  2. Under Data collection, click SAP systems.
  3. Select the connection you would like to modify from the list.
  4. Click Edit....
  5. In the SAP Connection dialog, modify any properties of the SAP system connection that you want to change.
    If you change the password, ensure that it does not contain any backward slashes ( \ ). Otherwise, the connection to the SAP system cannot be established.
  6. Click Test Connection to test whether a connection could be established. This button is available only when you set up or modify the connection to an SAP Admin module or an independent SAP system.
  7. Click Save.