General Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)

This tab enables you to review and optionally change these properties for a discovered device, but the next inventory import process will update these fields with the values from inventory. You may also manually create a record for a new device, for example as you prepare a new computer for deployment. Provided that you match the serial number reported in inventory, your initial record is updated with more details when inventory is returned.

The following discovered device properties are available (listed alphabetically) on this tab.

Table 1. General tab details
Field Description
DNS full name

The fully qualified name of the discovered computing asset in the Domain Name System.

Enter the DNS name of the computing asset.

Domain name

The name of the domain to which the discovered device belongs. A domain is a collection of computers and user accounts that are grouped to achieve centralized management by the domain controller.

Enter the name of the domain to which the discovered device belongs.

IP address

The IPv4 address of the discovered device. The value of this field may change as some computers may have dynamically assigned IP addresses. If a discovered device has multiple IP addresses, this field displays only the first validly formed IP address from the list (and this address is limited to 64 characters). IP addresses in the IPv6 address family are not displayed (the value remains blank if there are no IPv4 addresses available).

Enter the IPv4 address of the computer or network device. (Only addresses in the IPv4 address family are accepted as input here.)

MAC address

The Media Access Control (MAC) address is a unique identifier assigned to each network interface card (NIC) of the device. If a device has multiple NICs, this field displays a comma-separated list of MAC addresses.

Enter the MAC address of the computing device.


The name of the discovered computing device.

Enter the name of the discovered computing device. This field can have any one of the following values: the first part of the full DNS name, the NetBIOS name, or the SNMP name of a computing device. If the discovered device is a virtual host, you can also use its IP address as name.
Note: It is best practice to leave names unchanged for records created automatically from discovery or inventory. As the name is used to identify the device, changing the name effectively creates a separate device record, and the old one is recreated at the next import.