Extra entitlements

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)
Additional entitlements that are not recorded as purchases. Use this field only as a safety net to capture those quantities that cannot be supported through purchase records. This figure:
  • Is not as strong as purchase records for use as evidence in an external audit
  • Is not available for automatic upgrades (only purchase records are used for automatic upgrades).
Enter the number of license entitlements owned by your enterprise that are not recorded in purchases assigned to this license. (For Microsoft licenses, be sure not to record in this field any entitlements that are also imported from a Microsoft Licensing Statement, or MLS. You may also need to adjust this amount in the light of any future MLS import.) The Total entitlements value is updated by this amount after you click Save.
Tip: To support this adjustment in the event of a future audit, you may wish to visit the Identification tab and add an explanation to the Notes field.

Not available for Enterprise, Enterprise Agreement, or Site licenses (where the concept of extra entitlements is not meaningful).