Suite Members Report

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)

The Suite Members report lists licensable application suites alongside the applications (suite members) that can belong to that suite. Each record displays the number of installations of the suite member within the application suite. For applications that may also be licensed separately, any stand-alone installations are not included in this report.

Generating the report

  1. Navigate to License Compliance > Applications > Suite Members.
  2. Click Run report to display the results for all applications.

Limiting the report results

In the top left corner is a search field. Enter all or part of either the name of an application suite, or the name of an application which forms part of a suite.

Reading the report

The following columns (listed alphabetically) are available in this list. By default, some are available through the column chooser.

Table 1.
Suite properties
Column Description

The name of an application suite which contains other applications as a part of it.

Suite members properties

The name of an application within this suite.

Installs within suite (number)

The number of installations of the application within the suite.