Affinity Rules Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)

The Affinity rules tab on the Cluster Properties page displays the host affinity of virtual machines to their respective virtual hosts. Host affinity enables you to bind a virtual machine to a virtual host. This page groups the virtual machine records by virtual host names and displays the host affinity status for each of them. You can change the host affinity for a virtual machine in the VM Properties tab of the inventory device properties. See Virtual Machines Tab. The host affinity assignment is represented by one of the following three icons:

  • Green disk — The virtual machine can travel to the current host
  • Red disk — The virtual machine is bound to its present host and cannot travel to any other host
  • Gray disk — The virtual machine is currently running on this host.

For more information about using lists, filters, and other UI options, see the topics under Using Lists in FlexNet Manager Suite.