Ownership Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R1 (On-Premises Edition)

The Ownership tab displays the details about the ownership of this VDI template by enterprise groups, including up to one each from location, corporate unit, and cost center. This tab also displays the assigned user for the template.

For more information about using lists, filters, and other UI options, see the topics under Using Lists in FlexNet Manager Suite. The following table displays the ownership and user properties in an alphabetical order:
Remember: All properties of a remote device are read only.
Table 1. Ownership tab details
Field Description
The user assigned to this device. This assignment overrides the Calculated user.
Tip: Other than for exceptional reasons, it is best practice to leave this value blank, so that the Calculated user (derived from inventory collections) can drive compliance calculations as intended. If your purpose is to set ownership for the hardware, consider setting the Assigned user on the asset record (which does not affect compliance calculations), and ensuring that these two values for asset and inventory device are not synchronized (navigate to the system menu ( in the top right corner) > System Settings, and on the Assets tab, ensure that the check box Synchronize assigned user in device and asset properties is cleared). However, you might need to use this setting on the inventory device for special reasons, such as resolving users who have multiple login accounts.
Corporate unit

The corporate unit responsible for the device. FlexNet Manager Suite enables you to create a hierarchy of corporate units based on the structure of your enterprise. For example, you can have Example Enterprises at the top level, dividing into business groups at the next level, and then divisions such as Marketing and Engineering within those.

Cost center

The cost center responsible for all costs incurred for this device. The application enables you to create a hierarchy of cost centers units based on the geographical hierarchy of your enterprise. For example, you can have a cost center Bangalore under India, which is under Asia.

Specifies the location within your enterprise that is responsible for the device. FlexNet Manager Suite enables you to create a hierarchy of locations based on the geographical hierarchy of your enterprise. For example, you can have a location Seattle under Washington, which is under USA.
Important: For IBM PVU licenses only, and only when FlexNet Manager Suite is in 'PVU mode' (responsible for sub-capacity calculations of PVU points), your choice of location may affect the assignment of this inventory device to one of the three mandatory IBM regions for which peak PVU consumption must be calculated. This is because individual locations may be mapped to an IBM region, and 'ownership' of the inventory device by a location ties it to the matching IBM region. Therefore any change of location that causes this inventory device to switch to a different IBM region (for example, because the new location is mapped to a different IBM region) may affect the calculations of the peak consumption values (and their timings) across the regions. Such a change of location is considered a correction for sub-capacity calculations, and takes effect retroactively throughout the entire reporting period (peak values are recalculated each time a full compliance calculation is run, typically nightly).
For more information about assigning a location, corporate unit, cost center, and user to an inventory device, see Adding a Location, Corporate Unit, Cost Center, or User to an Inventory Device