Additional Features

There are additional RN150 features available to you on the Global Settings dialog box, which is accessed from the Assessment section of the RN150 Dashboard.

To set additional features on the Global Settings dialog box:

1. Open the RN150 Dashboard.
2. Click Assessment.
3. Under Appliance Settings, click Configure. The Global Settings dialog box opens.

On the Global Settings dialog box, you can enable or disable the following features:



Scrub Process Arguments

Enabling this option will remove or otherwise not collect the argument list for running processes for all devices. This can be used when process arguments may contain sensitive data.

Note:This will reduce the data available in the platform, and may impact application analysis.

Service Configuration Collection

This feature runs once per day against eligible devices to collect configuration data and file contents for certain application services.

Windows DNS Cache Collection

This feature controls whether or not Windows DNS resolver cache contents (Server and Workstation) are collected.

Populate Subnets From Routing Tables

This feature controls whether or not subnets are automatically populated based on the routing tables of scanned devices. The automatically populated subnets must still be manually enabled via the Subnets page.

Rate-Limit To Daily Collection of TCP Listeners

This controls whether or not we only perform the collection of TCP listening data from the netstat command at every poll or once a day.

AIX netstat Fallback

This controls whether or not we attempt to run netstat if the lsof command is not available on AIX.

Note:Note that netstat on AIX does not provide process to port/connection mappings, and so is of limited utility.