Enter Windows Credentials

Important:Be sure to enable netstat application socket collection n order to collect and view workload dependencies. Refer to Windows Collection Module for more information.

To enter Windows credentials, perform the following steps.

To enter Windows credentials:

1. Click the Windows link on the Dashboard page.
2. Enter the domain for your credential, optional.
3. Enter your user name and password.
4. Select an option for application socket collection.
5. We recommend you select Enable >> confirm your choice >> click Next >> Select whether you want to enable this feature on workstations.
6. Click Add
7. Click Test to verify your credential. We recommend testing all credentials. This helps ensure we collect information on all relevant devices and prevents problems later on.
8. After receiving confirmation that your credential is correct, click OK and either add more credentials, or click the Dashboard button to go back to the main page.

Note:We recommend testing all credentials prior to starting a scan. This ensures information is collected on all relevant devices the first time, and that the complete set of analytics is available.