Review Assets and Request Rescan

You will receive an email notifying you that the scan is complete. Once you receive this email, you should review your assets to verify that all devices that are in-scope for the assessment are accessible.

Note:We have more detailed documentation on the discovery troubleshooting and the process in general in Discovery: How To. We recommend reviewing this page before proceeding so you understand the resources available.

To review assets and request rescan:

1. Log in to and select your assessment.
2. Click the Consume Intelligence dropdown >> click Assets.
3. Verify all devices and subnets are in scope and in scope devices are accessible (i.e. Make sure Windows Servers are in the “Windows Devices” section and not under “Inaccessible Devices”).
4. If needed, go back to the RISC Networks RN150 appliance and add missing credentials and click the Request Rescan button as needed.