Foundation and CloudScape User Guide

Foundation and CloudScape (formerly RISC Networks) helps you make better-informed decisions when moving your applications to the cloud. It provides complete, automated discovery of business applications, networks, security threats, dependency mapping and cloud migration planning, as well as business case analysis.

With Foundation and CloudScape, every IT decision will be well informed because you can illuminate your entire IT landscape. This insight empowers you to quickly and efficiently navigate to the cloud using an accurate analysis of what workloads should be migrated—and in what order.

To learn how to use Foundation and CloudScape, see the following sections:

Foundation and CloudScape User Guide



Foundation and CloudScape Overview

Provides a technical introduction to the Foundation and CloudScape platform. You should understand what and how we collect, how we are architected and deployed, and our security procedures/policies.

Getting Started With Foundation and CloudScape

Explains how to deploy the virtual appliance, perform complete discovery with proper troubleshooting, and proceed to the performance collection phase successfully.

Using the Platform

Provides you with instructions on how to operate, interpret, and utilize the platform after the Discovery and Inventory phases are successfully completed.