SuiteSetProperty Example

InstallShield 2015 ยป InstallScript Language Reference



//  InstallScript Example Script


//  Demonstrates the following functions:

//    *SuiteSetProperty

//    *SuiteGetProperty

//    *SuiteResolveString

//    *SuiteFormatString

//    *SuiteLogInfo


//  This sample can be called in an InstallScript package that is launched

//  from an Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI installation. This code logs

//  the following line in the Advanced UI or Suite/Advanced UI debug log:

//  SetGet: MyPropertyValue; Resolved: English (United States); Formatted: fmt MyPropertyValue;




function OnBegin()


STRING szValue;

STRING szResolved;

STRING szFormatted;




    if SUITE_HOSTED then

        SuiteSetProperty ("MyPropertyName", "MyPropertyValue");

        SuiteGetProperty ("MyPropertyName", szValue);

        SuiteResolveString ("IDS_LANGUAGE_1033", szResolved);

        SuiteFormatString ("fmt [MyPropertyName]", szFormatted);

        SuiteLogInfo ("SetGet: %s; Resolved: %s; Formatted: %s;",

            szValue, szResolved, szFormatted);




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