Download and Licensing Instructions
Foundation and Cloudscape

Thank you for signing up for a Foundation and CloudScape subscription! We're excited you've chosen us as your partner on this journey and we look forward to making it a success with you!

Getting Started

To get started and to quickly deploy an asset:

  1. Before beginning this procedure, have your order confirmation handy.
  2. Follow the steps in Set-Up Instructions below.
  3. Complete the Quick Start Guide walkthrough.
  4. If you are using FlexDeploy, complete the FlexDeploy Getting Started Guide.

NOTE: If you run into any issues or just need a little help, do not hesitate to ask for help in our Community, contact your Customer Success Manager, or open a ticket with Support.

Set-Up Instructions

Unless created previously, your company’s instance of Foundation and CloudScape will be generated by the Flexera Team after your contract is signed. This instance will be unique to your company’s domain. Below are the instructions to set it up.

To set-up Foundation and CloudScape:

  1. Navigate to the Foundation and Cloudscape portal and sign-in. If you do not yet have an account, register for an account.
  2. Click the +Add an Assessment button in the assessment list window.
  3. Enter your Subscription Code in the field. This is sometimes referred to as the Subscription Activation ID. If you do not have a Subscription Code, please reach out to your Account Manager or to your Customer Success Manager.
  4. Fill in the company information fields in the +Add an Assessment window.
  5. To invite other users, click the Invite button. You will be taken to the User Access screen, where invitations can be sent via email. Users can also be invited later on.
  6. Click Dashboard to return to the main screen.
  7. Upon completion, you should see a pane with your new assessment.

CloudScape Quick Start Video