Flexera SaaS Manager

Release Notes

June 2019


Flexera SaaS Manager integrates with a large group of SaaS applications, providing unparalleled business intelligence about when and how your users are interacting with the SaaS products licensed within your organization. Flexera SaaS Manager helps you discover, manage, optimize, and secure your SaaS subscriptions and identifies any unused, underused, or abandoned licenses, helping you rein in runaway spend.

New Features and Enhancements

This release of Flexera SaaS Manager includes the following enhancements:

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Updated Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Instructions 

Released an updated version of the Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration Instructions, which include the latest Salesforce API endpoints.

June 5, 2019


Unsanctioned Purchases UI update 

The “since date” was repositioned further away from the currency icon for readability.

June 4, 2019


Usage Data and Data Visualization UI updates 

The following pages were updated to consistently display usage data and data visualization across Flexera SaaS Manager. For a description of the updated UI fields and graphs, click the pages’ online help links below.

App Details > new Activity Over Time graph

June 4, 2019



Resolved Issues

The following table lists resolved issues for Flexera SaaS Manager.

Issue Summary

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Retitled Screen - Unsanctioned Purchases 

The Unsanctioned Applications screen was retitled Unsanctioned Purchases to better reflect the screen’s display of unsanctioned purchases.

For details, see Unsanctioned Purchases.

June 4, 2019


Correct Percent Active and Percent Inactive Users in Applications by Utilization Graph 

On the Application Usage screen, the Applications by Utilization graph displays the correct percent active users (activity in the past 0-60 days), percent inactive users (no activity in 60+ days), and percent never active (no activity recorded).

June 4, 2019

FSM-947/ 961


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