Software Vulnerability Manager

Release Notes

October 2018


Software Vulnerability Manager reimagines how software is secured by closing the gap between IT Security and IT Operations by providing industry leading security research, risk assessment and remediation through Software Vulnerability Manager’s key components:

Research: Keep up with the latest software vulnerability research and advisories from Secunia Research
Assessment: Discover where software vulnerabilities are installed across your organization
Patching: Remediate software vulnerabilities in third-party applications

New Features and Enhancements

The following table lists new features and enhancements for Software Vulnerability Manager. The Affected Module(s) column refers to the specific Software Vulnerability Manager module(s) affected by the new feature or enhancement.

Affected Module(s)

Feature or Enhancement Description

Reference Number

Vulnerability Manager,
Online Help

You can choose the Edit Watch List option to update an existing Watch List via a file import and selecting the data column to import.

For details, see Import an Updated Watch List.



Under Assessment > Advisories > Advisory Details, the Original advisory information now groups a Secunia Advisory ID’s (SAID) reference information from multiple sources into one location.



After clicking the number in the Most prevalent EOL software installation widget in the Dashboard against any product, you will now be directly taken to the End-of-Life (EOL) Installations filter under Assessment > Products > Product Details.


Online Help

Under Analytics > Reports > Add Assessment Report you can now generate Assessment reports that include vulnerabilities assessed in a particular environment along with the corresponding affected devices. The resulting CSV file includes installation statistics and data.

For details, see step 9 of Reports.


Online Help

Added the wording “Important • For security purposes, Software Vulnerability Manager has a session timeout that will log you off after 2 hours of inactivity.”

For details see step 13 of Configure Single Sign-On.


All Modules,
Online Help,
Release Notes

We want your feedback on Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Manager. Each module has a feedback icon in the upper-right-hand corner that links to our Customer Community feedback page for Software Vulnerability Manager where you can provide product feedback and suggest enhancements.

Note • You will need your Flexera Customer Community credentials to enter feedback.

For online help details, see Product Feedback.

For release note details, see Product Feedback.



Type 1 scans now include applications in the 64-bit Program Files folder.


Online Help

The new Quick Start Guide helps you set up the key features of Software Vulnerability Manager.

For details, see the Software Vulnerability Manager Quick Start Guide.


Online Help

Added clarification for how to create a secure Single Sign-On (SSO) connection. It is recommended to have the SSO vendor’s Assertions Signed (or similarly named) setting enabled on your IDP.

For details see step 9 of Configure Single Sign-On.


Online Help

The Introduction section now includes edition information for Software Vulnerability Manager - Assessment Only.

For details, see Software Vulnerability Manager Editions.


Resolved Issues

The following table lists resolved issues for Software Vulnerability Manager. The Affected Module(s) column refers to the specific Software Vulnerability Manager module(s) affected by the resolved issue.

Affected Module(s)

Issue Summary



Online Help

Several online help issues were resolved:

Added the agent URL to Agent-based Scan – Requirements for Windows
Added the API URL to API.
Added the Software Vulnerability Manager system architecture diagram to System Architecture Overview.



Sorting columns in Products and Advisories has been resolved in the Assessment module.


Online Help

Corrected the Agent-based Scan - Requirements for Mac OS X screenshots and instructions for:

Prepare Your Mac 
Install the Vulnerable Software Discovery Tool for Mac 



Product Feedback

Have a suggestion for how we can improve this product? Please come share direct feedback with the product team and vote on ideas submitted by other users in our Customer Community feedback page for Software Vulnerability Manager.

Note • You will need your Flexera Customer Community credentials to enter feedback.

You can also submit feedback through the Software Vulnerability Manager user interface by clicking the feedback icon in the upper-right-hand corner of each module.

System Requirements

Software Vulnerability Manager’s User Interface will resize and adapt when being used on different devices. You can access the system from anywhere using any device, such as a smartphone or tablet, running Internet Explorer 11 or higher, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and mobile browsers with an Internet connection capable of connecting to

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