Patching Module API  Information

Edition:The Patching module is not available for Software Vulnerability Research.

Important:The following information has been taken from the individual links in the API Root screen and becomes available when you press Toggle full documentation. The information can become obsolete and you should always check the API information inside the portal.

The links to the various portals displayed in your API Root screen are the ones you have access to based on your subscription and user groups. These may not match the links given below.

This section includes the following API information for the Patching module.

Daemon Lists
Server Details
Server Group Details
Customer Patch Template Name Details
Customer Patch Template Created by Details
Patchable Product Details
Patch Package Details
Customer’s Patch Package Publishing Details
Patch Tasks
Patches Available
Available Patches Grouped
Patch Language
Publish Patch List
Patch Package List
Product Release Instance
PowerShell Script to Delete Data