Token-Based Two-Factor Authentication

To use token-based two-factor authentication, you first need to install an application specific to your device. Flexera’s Software Vulnerability Research uses the standard Time-Based On-Time Password Algorithm (TOTP) for token-based two-factor support, which is supported by applications like Google Authenticator or Duo by Cisco.

Android devices—Download the Google Authenticator application from the Google Play Store: 

iOS devices—Download the Google Authenticator, available under iTunes in the App Store: 

Logging Into Your Account Using Two-Factor Authentication

To login to your account using two-factor authentication, perform the following steps.

To log in to your account the first time with token-based two-factor authentication:

1. After entering your username and password, you will be presented with a QR code and a field for the verification code.
2. Open the Google Authenticator application and select the Scan a Barcode option.
3. When the application loads the device camera, scan the QR barcode displayed on your computer screen.
4. The mobile application will generate a unique code. Enter this code in the Verification Code field at the Software Vulnerability Research Login page.

5. Click Save to proceed with logging in to your new account.