Disabling an Account

Workflow Manager / AdminStudio Enterprise Server

Accounts may have a status of Active or Inactive. Inactive accounts:

Cannot log in.
Cannot be assigned any work.
Are not listed on the Account Administration page.
Do not get any email notifications.
Cannot be selected as a Consumer Contact or Administrator Contact for a project.

Deleting vs. Disabling a User Account

If an account is not associated with a workflow request, you can delete that account. This means that if you create an account by accident, you can delete the account before it has a chance to interact with Workflow Manager / AdminStudio Enterprise Server. See Disabling an Account for details.

If a person is associated in any way with an open or completed workflow request, or with a project or workflow template, you cannot delete that person’s account from the system. This is because Workflow Manager / AdminStudio Enterprise Server stores references to such accounts for historical, tracking and reporting purposes. If you no longer wanted this account to interact with the product, you would instead disable it by setting its Status to Inactive.

To disable a user account:

1. Open the chosen account for editing, as described in Viewing or Changing an Existing Account.
2. On the Account Details page for that account, set the Status to Inactive, then click Save.

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