File Share Location: Root Folder for Uploading and Downloading Files

Workflow Manager 2019

You can modify the FileShareRoot setting in the web.config file to specify the Workflow Manager file share location, the root folder for uploading files to and downloading files from Workflow Manager. The FileShareRoot location is initially set on the File Share panel of the Workflow Manager installer.

<!--Root folder for uploading and downloading files-->

<add key="FileShareRoot" value="\\[MYDRIVE]\WFMFileShare"/>

Note • For information on viewing and editing the directory structure of the file share location, see Specifying Directory Structure of File Share.

To modify the file share location, perform the following steps:

To modify this setting:

1. Open the wwwroot directory of the Workflow Manager installation and open web.config in a text editor.
2. Locate the FileShareRoot folder portion of this file:

<add key="FileShareRoot" value="\\[MYDRIVE]\WFMFileShare"/>

3. Modify the FileShareRoot value to include the new location of the file server, such as:

<add key="FileShareRoot" value="\\myserver12\SharedFiles"/>

Note • Make sure that the directory you specify is shared and that the Workflow Manager System Account has “modify” permissions on this directory.