User Consolidation

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

The User Consolidation identifies all the unique users across the systems, based on the user primary records, and counts the users.

The User Consolidation requires you to specify which fields are used to combine users when running the License Administration Workbench (LAW). FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications uses this information to replicate the user consolidation performed by the LAW to establish a reference or baseline current license position. This baseline can then be used to identify potential improvements to the license position.

The settings in the User Consolidation are used every time FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications calculates its current baseline license position.

The User Consolidation is complemented by the Duplicate User rule. Therefore, you need to ensure that you select different criteria in the User Consolidation than in the Duplicate User rule.

For example, your organization might use the user name to combine users in the LAW. In this scenario, you would select the User Name check box in the User Consolidation, and the current license position would be calculated using this information. In the Duplicate User rule entry mask (Optimization > Duplicate Users, you might select the Email Address check box. In this case, the recommended license position is calculated on the basis that any user accounts with differing user names but the same email address are in fact the same user and therefore require only a single Named User license. For information on the Duplicate User rule, see Duplicate User Rule.

Usually, you configure the User Consolidation once, and you modify your settings only if you changed the way in which you combine users in the LAW.

Important: Any changes in the User Consolidation affect every future license position calculation.

The User Consolidation is divided into two sections—General Criteria and Custom Criteria—that offer different levels of ease-of-use and flexibility. You can use only general criteria, or only custom criteria, or a combination of both to configure the User Consolidation.

Tip: The User Data Validation report in the SAP Admin module helps to ensure that user primary records are up to date and complete, which improves user consolidation results. For more information, see User Data Validation Report in the FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications User Guide PDF.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1