Choosing the Enterprise Default Currency (One of Many)

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)
When you first connect to FlexNet Manager Suite, the default currency for your enterprise has been set by the person who installed the system for you. You may also enable other currencies for use in your enterprise. At any time, you may also choose an appropriate currency to be your enterprise default. This process is for when you have already used multiple currencies. If you have not yet enabled any other currency, instead see Setting the Enterprise Default Single Currency.
Note: The default currency set for your enterprise also becomes the default for each new operator (subsequently, this preference can be customized for each operator).

To choose enterprise default currency:

  1. Navigate to the system menu ( in the top right corner) > System Defaults, and select the Currency Settings tab.
  2. If the currency you want as your enterprise default is not already listed, click Add a currency.
    If the currency is already present in the list of currencies for your enterprise, skip ahead to step 6.
  3. From the Currency pull-down, select the new currency to activate for your enterprise.
    Tip: If your desired currency is not available in the pull-down list of options, please contact your Flexera Support engineer to request that it be added to the list.
  4. Complete the additional information for this currency.
    Field Notes
    Default exchange rate Set a baseline exchange rate for this currency, compared to the reference currency (displayed after this field).
    Tip: As this is to be your enterprise default currency, it is likely that you will also make this your reference currency for your system default exchange rate information. In this case, you should specify the exchange rate value of 1 (that is, 1:1 exchange rate of this reference currency with itself).
    Property format Specify a prefix and suffix to be shown in editable fields within property sheets and similar places. The system defaults for this currency are displayed, but you may edit them to your preference. To the right of the prefix and suffix fields, a sample value is displayed using the values you edit.
    List format Similarly specify a (possibly different) prefix and suffix for use when the monetary value appears in reports, lists, and other non-editable locations where space may be limited.
    For example, you can make the currency appear as $1,234.56 AUD in editable fields (the prefix and suffix disappear during editing in those fields), and use a shorter form of A$1,234.56 in lists and reports.
    Tip: You cannot retire a currency at time of creation. If you want to prevent transactions being entered in this currency for a while, you must edit the currency and change this property separately.
  5. Click Add.
    The new details are added to the database, and after a moment the Currency Settings tab refreshes with the extended list of currencies including your new addition.
    Note: The newly active currency is also added to every exchange rate set you have previously recorded.
  6. For your preferred currency, click Make default.
    Tip: This button is only enabled when the currency is active. (You cannot make a retired currency into your default.)
Your chosen currency is recorded as the default currency for your enterprise. This means:
  • When a new operator is recorded, her initial personal default currency display is set to this enterprise default currency. Each operator may change the display current to suit individual taste.
  • This enterprise default is the proposed reference currency for each new set of exchange rates you create. (While this is a useful default, in fact each individual exchange rate set can have its own reference currency, chosen from those you have enabled for your enterprise.)
  • Any financial values entered using the previous default currency are completely unchanged: both the units and the value are unchanged. The new default currency takes effect immediately and is offered for transactions and exchange rates from this point on.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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