Currency Settings

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)

You have complete flexibility to specify the world currencies in use in your enterprise, each operator's display preference, and the exchange rates applicable at any moment in time.

In FlexNet Manager Suite, every monetary value has an attached currency. You can use any supported currency (which includes many from around the world), and you can express your preferences for currencies at four different levels:
  • The default currency for your enterprise (if your enterprise uses only one currency, then that one is the enterprise default currency).
  • The other currencies that are activated for use within your enterprise. This is a subset of all the currencies in the world for your administrative convenience.
  • The preferred currency for each individual operator (which must be one of your active currencies). For example, an operator in Illinois may prefer all values in US dollars, while another in Paris prefers euros, and a third in India prefers rupees. Each operator can view each individual transaction displayed in the currency of their choice.
  • For any individual editable value, you may override both the enterprise default and the operator's preference, and enter the value in any one of your active currencies specified for this data entry field only.
Every recorded monetary value therefore needs an applicable exchange rate that allows it to be expressed in the correct equivalent of dollars, euros, rupees, or other currency. Exchange rates are specified in sets of all the active currencies you use, compared at a given moment to one that you select as the reference currency (typically the same as you use for your default currency). You can record as many exchange rate sets as you need, and every monetary value can be associated with any one of those exchange rate sets.
Note: While very many exchange rate sets can be stored in the compliance database, for practicality only the most recent are available through the web interface. By default, this is the most recent 90 sets of exchange rate data(plus the Standard Rate). You may modify that default number only by having your database administrator manually update the LimitRecordNumberOfDisplayingExchangeRateSet value in the ComplianceTenantSetting table of your compliance database (for details, see Exchange Rates).
The main tasks for operating with multiple currencies are:
  • Setting the default currency for your enterprise. This is preferable before you do anything else (while you have only a single currency, see Setting the Enterprise Default Single Currency), but can also be changed later (see Choosing the Enterprise Default Currency (One of Many)).
  • Enabling other currencies in which money values can be recorded, if necessary modifying the ways that these are displayed in editable fields and in lists. (You can also retire a currency that you no longer want to use in your enterprise.)
  • Setting up sets of exchange rates covering all the currencies ever enabled for use on your enterprise.
  • For each operator, choosing which of the active currencies is her personal preference for normal work.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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