Financial Tab

FlexNet Manager Suite 2021 R1 (On-Premises)
This tab collects a few controls for recording on-going charges associated with the license, and additional details about its end-of-life arrangements.
Tip: Hints:
  1. As an alternative to these charges fields (which are merely for record keeping), consider using a payment schedule attached to a contract that is linked to this license. This provides greater management insight into upcoming expenditures and the like.
  2. Other details for setting end-of-life criteria are on the Identification tab. Expose these controls by selecting Retired for the Status.
The following controls (in alphabetical order) are available:
Control Notes
The monetary value of a charge against this license. The charge may be a one-time charge, or one repeated at regular intervals.
Tip: If you want to track upcoming charges, it is better to create a payment schedule associated with a contract, and link the contract to this license.

Enter the monetary value. For details about recording the amount in a different currency, see Currency Settings.


Determines how often the Amount is charged against this license.

Click the control and choose a value from the drop-down list.
Tip: This field is for record-keeping only. It has no effect on any calculations in the system. (For something with greater interactivity, investigate payment schedules.)

If the license is retired because it was sold or donated, you can record here the person or entity that received it.

Enter details of the recipient of the license.

Resale price
If your enterprise sold the linked software (with its associated license) to a third party as a method of disposing of it, you can record the sale price here.
Tip: Record details of the end-of-life arrangements on the Identification tab. First choose Retired for the Status, then give details in the Retirement reason drop-down list.

Enter the price for which the software (and its license) were on-sold. For help with setting currency and choosing exchange rates, start at Currency Settings.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1