Navigating the Web Interface

The web interface has three main navigation areas:

  • title bar
  • modal navigation bar
  • menu bar.

Title bar

The title bar is the topmost section of the FlexNet Manager Suite screen. From left to right, it consists of:

  • The name and logo of the product
  • The name of the FlexNet Manager Suite instance
  • A status indicator, including time and date stamp
  • The name of the logged in account holder.
    Tip: The My Preferences page is accessible by hovering on the account name. For more information, see My Preferences
  • The System Settings button (which includes a sub-menu accessible by hovering).

Modal navigation bar

The modal navigation bar is below the title bar. The buttons on this bar work as follows:

  • The Management and Reports buttons toggle between Management and Reports modes.
  • The SAP button switches the UI into SAP mode.
  • The optional SaaS Manager button launches the SaaS Manager application login screen in a separate browser tab. (For instructions on how to show this button, refer to System Settings: Integrations Tab.)
Note: A status indicator showing four lights is on the far-right of the modal navigation bar. You can configure what these lights indicate on the My Preferences page (accessible by hovering on the account name in the title bar).

Menu bar

The menu bar is below the modal navigation bar. It consists of several buttons, some with sub-menus indicated by a drop-down arrow. The sub-menus are exposed when you hover over the buttons.

Tip: Click the Help button on the far-right of the menu bar to launch the Help in a separate browser tab.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2021 R1