FlexNet Data Domain Interface (DDI)

The FlexNet DDI is simply a set of standard and predefined business adapters that can be used to import data into the central compliance database of FlexNet Manager Suite. They can also be used as starting points for developing your own custom business adapters. This set of standard adapters is maintained over time by Flexera for compatibility with future releases of FlexNet Manager Suite.

Each consists of a sample XML file to configure the adapter, along with a matching CSV file that shows the compatible set of properties for each object.

By populating the sample CSV files with data, you can use these adapters as delivered, or you can customize them to meet specific needs. If you are customizing the adapters, keep copies of the originals and document your changes, since new versions of FlexNet Manager Suite may require additional work to migrate your customizations to the latest versions of the adapters released with FlexNet Manager Suite.

The DDI described in the chapter is for use on the central application server of an on-premises implementation of FlexNet Manager Suite. A similar set (allowing for disconnected operation) is installed automatically on each inventory beacon.