Staging to FlexNet Manager Suite

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

This section provides the mapping from the staging database to the final presentation in the web interface for FlexNet Manager Suite.

This section is organized alphabetically by object names in FlexNet Manager Suite (for example, 'computers' are known as 'inventory devices'). This is useful when you are starting from data displayed in FlexNet Manager Suite, tracing it back to the staging database, and then using the preceding section to see the source of that data point in BMC Discovery.

If you are coming the other direction, it is easiest to use your PDF search tool to find the staging database table name, a dot separator, and the property name. For example, to find out where the Hostname property from the Host_ci table of the staging database ends up, search for Host_ci.Hostname. You will find it listed against the Name property in the All Inventory page (and other similar listings) of the web interface.

For each object-based topic, the following details are included:
  • Whether the import of new data that was not previously in the compliance database creates new records on import.
  • Whether the import of changed data for records with matching key values is allowed to update the compliance database.
  • Whether the absence of records previously imported from only the BMC Discovery source causes the old records to be removed from the compliance database.
  • The source table and property (in dot-separated format) from the staging database. Look back to the previous section to check data types and maximum string sizes in the staging database.
  • The property name in the destination page of the web interface. Each listing is sorted alphabetically on this property name. Where a property forms part of a compound key identifying records in the underlying compliance database, it is appropriately marked as a partial key ("p/key").
  • The data type of the property.
  • For string values, the maximum length allowed in the web interface (which is also normally the maximum string length available in compliance database). If this is less than the string length allowed in the staging database, the string is normally truncated to length (except as noted in the comments for an individual property).
  • Any general notes.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1