Appendix 2: Export of Applications/Products

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)
The term 'product' is used in two slightly different ways in FlexNet Manager Suite and BMC Atrium.
  • In FlexNet Manager Suite, the base unit of software is called an "application", which is specific to a particular release (version) and edition. A 'product' is the same software unit, but across multiple versions (and perhaps editions as well). In our terms, then, FlexNet Manager Suite exports application records. To confuse things further, the underlying database table is called SoftwareTitle.
  • In Atrium, a "product" is the base unit of software, and related to an individual installation. The CMDB also offers a catalog of the products available for installation. In BMC terminology, Atrium imports product records, from which the Product Catalog may also be updated.
The following table shows:
  • Columns from the SoftwareTitle table (and related tables) in FlexNet Manager Suite that are exported
  • The equivalent column name in the ProductChanges table of the intermediate database (in case you wish to inspect the dataset there)
  • The matching column in the BMC_Product in the Atrium CMDB. This indirectly populates the Product Catalog.
  1. Some values are not read from the source database, but inserted as fixed values. These are shown in double quotation marks, and explained in the associated comments.
  2. Some values exported from FlexNet Manager Suite to the intermediate database are not transferred to BMC Atrium. Instead, they are used to manage the exported data, removing records not relevant to the CMDB and so on.
SoftwareTitle ProductChanges BMC_Product Comments
Not applicable. GeneratedTokenID ParentCITag The token ID generated for the computer system on which this product is installed is assigned to the ParentCITag column in BMC. For details about the generated TokenID, see Appendix 1: Export of Computers.


ApplicationID (Not stored.) Used internally in data management.
FullName ApplicationName ShortDescription

By default, the full name of the application is the concatenation of the product, version, and edition fields (for example, “Microsoft Office Professional 2010”). However, an operator may overwrite this with any preferred value.

[SoftwareTitle Version] VersionName ApplicationVersion MarketVersion The marketing version number (such as "2010"). Extracted from SoftwareTitleVersion. VersionName using SoftwareTitle. SoftwareTitleVersionID as a foreign key.
(Generated ID) FlexeraID TokenID FlexeraID is a unique identifier for application records used for unambiguous identification across various Flexera solutions. The format is either:
  • For applications published in the FlexNet ARL, arl://MGS-APP-00000000000 (where the 11-digit number varies by application)
  • For applications defined locally, app://serverGUID/LOCAL-APP-SoftwareTitleID (where serverGUID depends on the identity of the central application server, and SoftwareTitleID is the value of SoftwareTitleID assigned to this application).
The result is presented as the TokenID in the BMC_Product table, and as SignatureID in the Product Catalog.

[SoftwareTitle Publisher] PublisherName

Publisher ManufacturerName

Identifies the company that produces the application/product (for example, “Microsoft”). Extracted from SoftwareTitlePublisher. PublisherName via SoftwareTitleProduct. SoftwareTitlePublisherID, using SoftwareTitle. SoftwareTitleProductID as a foreign key.

[Compliance Computer] ComputerName ApplicationTo Installation_ ComputerName SystemName Name of the computing device reported in inventory (such as “vincent-ltp”). Extracted from ComplianceComputer. ComputerName using the foreign key InstalledSoftware. ComplianceComputerID. The view InstalledSoftware is itself linked to the application by the foreign key SoftwareTitleID.
ComputerID InstallationTo Computer_ ComputerID (Not stored.) The computer identifier, extracted in much the same way as described for ComputerName. Used internally for data management.
[Compliance Connection] LastImportDate InstallationTo Computer_ InventoryDate (Not stored.) The date of the most recent inventory collection that recorded the installation of this application on the current computer. When no other value is available, this defaults to the date of data export from FlexNet Manager Suite. Used internally for data management.
CategoryID InstallationTo Application_ Category Category First level of application categorization.

The full path of categorization is extracted from the GroupEx table using SoftwareTitle. CategoryID as the foreign key. The full path is then broken up on its / separators, and the first level is passed to Category in the BMC_Product table.

CategoryID InstallationTo Application_ Category Type Second level of application categorization. (See Category for details.)
CategoryID InstallationTo Application_ Category Item Third level of application categorization. (See Category for details.)
Not applicable. ViewID (Not stored.) Deprecated and not in use.
  TenantID (Ignored.) Always contains a zero value (a string of 16 zeroes) for an on-premises implementation.
Not applicable. EvidenceVersion   Deprecated and not in use.
Not applicable. BMC_PRODUCT ClassID A string literal that identifies the class in the BMC dataset.
Not applicable. "CompanyName" Company A fixed value that must match the company identifier embedded in the Atrium CMDB.
Not applicable. "DataSetID" DataSetID Value attached to the dataset considered. Must match the value embedded in the Atrium CMDB.
Not applicable. FullName:VersionName Name Full name separated by a colon from the market version of the software product (for example, “Microsoft Office Professional:2010”).
Not applicable. ProductName: Version NameFormat A string literal describing the format of the Name attribute.
Not applicable. FullName on ComputerName Description Composite of the software name and device name (such as “Microsoft Office Professional 2010 on vincent-ltp”).
Not applicable. Deployed Status A fixed value, since the records are extracted from the installed software listings.
Not applicable. Calculated value MarkAsDeleted Boolean (0 = no, 1 = yes). Whether or not this product has been deleted from the computer system under consideration. Note that this flag is raised only for the first import after the product is deleted; thereafter, further imports do not contain this row.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

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