SAP Admin Module

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The SAP Admin module is an SAP application that helps SAP administrators to manage their SAP license assignments.

The SAP Admin module is written in ABAP/4, and a development partner namespace is reserved from SAP AG. The SAP Admin module is installed directly on an SAP system and therefore does not require any external hardware or software. Dedicated R/3 tables are used for data storage. Thus, there cannot be any conflicts with SAP functions or company-specific developments.

Each SAP Admin module collects data from its dependent SAP systems. The collected data is stored in a staging database. The SAP Inventory Agent connects to the staging database and loads the data into the FlexNet Manager Suite database. The data can then be analyzed using the SAP features in the web interface of FlexNet Manager Suite.

You use the SAP Admin module to update the user primary records in the connected SAP systems (also called dependent SAP systems) according to the license-type optimization data the SAP Admin module receives from FlexNet Manager Suite. In addition, the SAP Admin module provides features for maintaining and cleaning up user primary data to optimize the quality of the user records (for example, the Logon Evaluation Report). This helps to improve the results of the license optimization. You can specify the relevant criteria on the SAP Admin module according to your organization's requirements.

If required, your implementation can contain several SAP Admin modules that are connected to FlexNet Manager Suite. Each SAP Admin module has its own set of dependent SAP systems.

The SAP Admin module of FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications is available for SAP Basis release 7.0 or higher.

The menus and elements of the SAP Admin module are described in more detail under Main Menu Items in the SAP Admin Module.

Refer to the FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications Installation Guide for information regarding FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications installation, licensing, authorizations, and roles.

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