Main Menu Items in the SAP Admin Module

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

The Main menu is the initial interface of the SAP Admin module.

In the Main menu of the SAP Admin module, you can see and maintain your organization's system landscape (using the system tree on the left side of the screen). You can see a detailed list of your system landscape including various additional information (right side), for example, the system ID, client ID, and system description.

For information about the system landscape in the SAP Admin module, see The System Landscape in the SAP Admin Module.
Table 1. Menu items in the Main menu of the SAP Admin module
Menu Description


Contains the following analyses:


Simulation of a system measurement and detailed output of LAW results lists. Upload of LAW measurements into the SAP Admin Module of FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications to enable use of the Statistics feature.

For more information, see System Measurement in the SAP Admin Module.


Current contracts and measurement data can be evaluated using graphics and tables.

For more information, see Statistics in the SAP Admin Module.


Measurement and definition of specific rules for alerts when usage occurs or in case of significant changes in the usage on selected packages.

For more information, see SAP Package Measurement.


Provides access to user data and statistical data from SAP Enterprise Portals and from all SAP systems running a Java stack.

For more information, see SAP Enterprise Portal Access using the SAP Admin Module.

Activity Checks

Provides functionality to define and execute activity checks to notify you when SAP usage activity falls outside of specific parameters. From this menu item, you can also view the results of activity checks that have been executed.

For more information, see Activity Checks.


Enables customization of FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications, such as:


Enables the display of client-specific reports, if applicable. See Customer Reports.

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