Performing a System Measurement

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R1 (On-Premises)

When you run a system measurement in the SAP Admin module, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications triggers the transaction USMM.

The transaction USMM is the SAP standard transaction for the measurement program. The USMM determines the number of users and chargeable objects of the packages of the SAP software for each system. The measurement is run in the background by executing the report RSUVM001, and results are written in a measurement log. Each time you run a measurement in SAP using the transaction USMM, the results of the previous measurement are overwritten. The results can also be output as a printable fax in SAP.

Using the SAP Admin module of FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications, you can measure systems remotely via an RFC connection without the need to login to each system individually. After running the measurement, you can download the measurement data to a local file on your PC. This file will be used for processing on the LAW system. It can be read directly in the LAW or it can be exported from FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications into the LAW. By saving measurement results locally, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications enables you to create a history of previous measurements and keep track of all changes.

Before executing the system measurement, it is recommended that you verify the user classification using the User Data Validation report in the SAP Admin module (see User Data Validation Report). Also, you can view the clients that are included in the measurement, as well as the active price lists and license types for the selected systems. You can create variants in order to simplify and standardize repeated analyses.

You can only measure SAP systems that have a valid RFC destination and that have a system status of Active. Excluded systems cannot be measured.

Note: To include or exclude a system from measurement, right-click the system or system group in the system landscape in the SAP Admin module and select Include System or Exclude System from the context menu.

During the SAP measurement, a number of activity checks are run to find potential fraudulent activities. See Activity Checks for more information.

To perform a system measurement using FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications:

  1. In the SAP Admin module, select an active system in the system landscape. Click Measurement/LAW, then select System Measurement from the menu.
  2. In the next screen, select the systems that you want to measure and click Execute.
    You can select to view specific system data:
    • To display the license types of the selected systems, click License Types.
    • To display all clients of the selected systems, click Clients.
      Note: If the Note column contains the text Excluded, the client has been excluded from the system measurement.
    • To display the price lists of the selected systems, click Prices.
  3. Select the systems that you want to measure from the list and click Start Measurement to start the measurement. This triggers the transaction USMM.
  4. To save the measurement data locally, click Download Measurement Data and browse to the folder where the file should be saved using the suggested file name.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R1