Obtaining the Adapter Components

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

It is most convenient to collect the adapter, and the main elements it contains is to complete this procedure on the computer where you will install the adapter (see Architecture and Operations).

To download adapter components:

  1. Use your browser to access the Flexera Customer Community.
    1. On https://community.flexera.com/, use the account details emailed to you with your order confirmation from Flexera to log in (using the Login link in the top right).
      Tip: Access requires your Customer Community user name and password. If you do not have one, click the Let's go! button on the login page to request one. Your credentials are configured for access to content you have licensed.
    2. Select Find My Product and choose FlexNet Manager from the top menu. Now click the button PRODUCT RESOURCES - PRODUCT INFORMATION which will expose the Download Products and Licenses link. Click on this option.
      A routing page appears to let you Access Product and License Center, displaying lists of products from Flexera.
    3. In the lists of products, identify FlexNet Manager Platform, and immediately below it, click LET'S GO.
      The Product and License Center site displays.
    4. In the Your Downloads section of the Home page, click the link for FlexNet Manager Platform.
    5. In the Download Packages page, click the link for FlexNet Manager Platform 2022 R2 to access the downloads.
  2. Select the Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 archive (Adapter Tools for FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2.zip), and save to a convenient location (such as C:\temp) on the server where Atrium Integrator Spoon is installed.
  3. Similarly, download Business Adapter Studio for FlexNet Manager Suite version.zip and save on the same server.
    Installation of the Business Adapter Studio is covered in Install the Business Importer and Link with Remedy.
  4. Unzip the adapter tools archive, navigate through Tier 1 Adapter Tools > BMCAtriumAdapter, and copy the contents into C:\Program Files\Flexera\.
    Important: This path is referenced in various steps in the Atrium jobs and transformations (see file list below). If you do not use the same path, you must edit the Atrium Integrator Spoon jobs and transformations manually to point the shell scripts to different location.
The archive includes the following key components:
  • An SQL script to create the intermediate staging database (archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\scripts\CreateIntermediateDatabase.sql)
  • Another SQL script to modify the database for FlexNet Manager Suite (archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\scripts\FNMPDatabaseChanges.sql)
  • The definition of Atrium Integrator jobs (.kjb) and transformations (.ktr):
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\BMCAtriumAdapter.kjb
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\Execute FNMP Export Tool.kjb
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\ExportComputerProductRelationshipsTransform.ktr
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\ExportComputersTransform.ktr
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\ExportProductsTransform.ktr
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\ExportUpdateIntermediateDBTransform.ktr
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\FNMPExports.kjb
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPImports\Asset.ktr
    • archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPImports\ImportUpdateIntermediateDBTransform.ktr
  • The adapter's main executable (archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\Utility \FNMPDataExportUtility.exe), and its many dependencies, including:
    • Query files (archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\Utility\Queries\Computers.txt, ProductIds.txt, Products.txt)
    • Adapter configuration file (archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPExports\Utility\FNMPDataExportUtility.exe.config)
  • Business Importer adapter definition file (archive\BMCAtriumAdapter\FNMPImports\FNMPImportDefinition\Asset.xml).

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2