Changing the Order of Rules and Rule Sets

The license rule sets, as well as the rules inside a license set, need to be arranged in the order in which they should be applied. The order is crucial because each rule is applied to a user account on a system until its conditions are met and the user account is assigned a license type. As soon as the user account is assigned a license type, the set of rules is applied to the next user account on the system and so forth (subsequent rules or rule sets will not be applied).

If a user has several accounts on the systems in a landscape, the user accounts are consolidated across systems into logical users. Each logical user is assigned a Named User License, based on the information in the license-type hierarchy that you define in FlexNet Manager Suite in SAP mode in the License Types section. This license type is recommended for the user. For more information on the license-type hierarchy, see License-Type Hierarchy.