Introduction to License Rule Sets

License rules are grouped together to form license rule sets.

Each license rule set is tied to a system, a system group, or an entire system landscape for which it can be active. Each rule within the set can also be assigned to specific systems or system groups. You can create multiple rule sets to cover specific parts of the system landscape. Where multiple rules or rule sets apply to the same system, FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications enables you to manage the precedence of rules or rule sets. For more information, see Changing the Order of Rules and Rule Sets.

You maintain your rule sets on the License Assignment Rules: system landscape name page. Here you can create, view, and delete rule sets.

To access the License Assignment Rules page:

  1. In FlexNet Manager Suite, click SAP, point to Optimization and click License Assignment Rules.
    The License Assignment Rules: system landscape name page is displayed.
  2. If you want to switch to a different landscape, click Change Landscape in the top-right corner of the page.
The License Assignment Rules: system landscape name page contains the following information (you can modify which columns are displayed using Advanced > Choose Fields):
Field Details
Name The name of the rule set.
Description A description of the rule set (optional).
Number Of Systems The number of systems covered by the rule set.
Order Indicates the order in which the rule sets are applied.
Active Indicates whether the rule set is active. Only active rule sets are used to calculate the optimal license position.
Date Created The date when the rule set was first created.
Last Updated The date when the rule set was last updated.
Created By The user who created the rule set.
Last Updated By The user who last updated the rule set.