Collecting Indirect Access Evidence

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications enables you to manage the following types of indirect access evidence:

FlexNet Manager for SAP Applications runs reports to identify the different types of indirect access. The SAP Inventory Agent collects this evidence and makes it available for you to view in FlexNet Manager Suite.

You can control how often the SAP Inventory Agent collects the evidence. The procedure depends on where the data collection is initiated:
  • Collection initiated on an inventory beacon: Schedule the collection of evidence directly on the inventory beacon. For more information, see Scheduling Tab.For more information, see Scheduling Page in the FlexNet Manager Suite online help.
  • Collection initiated on the FlexNet Manager Suite server: Configure the scheduled task Import SAP user and activity information. Using this task is mandatory in implementations that do not use inventory beacons. For more information about the Task Scheduler, see

By default, evidence is collected and displayed for the previous three months. Data is collected for entire months, after the last day of the month has passed (that is, from the first day to the last day of the month).