System Task Information

To display the System Tasks page, you need appropriate access rights. For more information, see Accessing System Task Information.

Choosing what is visible

The items listed on this page are filtered by the settings at the top left:
  • The Tasks run in the last drop-down list enables you to select the age of the tasks that appear on this page. For example, if you select 30 days, FlexNet Manager Suite displays only those system tasks that are not older than 30 days in the system.
  • The Only show last run drop-down list enables you to limit the records for recurring system tasks. The default value of this field is Yes, which restricts this page to show details of only the latest execution of a recurring system task. For example, if a discovery and inventory rule has been scheduled to run every day, this page would display the status of the latest execution of the rule.
You can also apply additional filters to restrict the number of records on this page. For more information about using filters, see the topics under Using Lists in FlexNet Manager Suite. For more information about using filters, see the topics in online help under Using Lists in FlexNet Manager Suite. The Save view as feature of FlexNet Manager Suite enables you to create customized management views of a page by saving the applied user interface settings. For more information, see Creating Management Views. For more information, see Creating Management Views in the online help.
Tip: The Task monitoring section under My Preferences page enables you to customize the task types for which FlexNet Manager Suite displays the color-coded notifications in the navigation bar. This setting does not affect the records on the System Tasks page. For more information, see My Preferences. For more information, see "My Preferences" within the online help topic My Account.

Available properties

This page displays the following read-only task properties, listed here in alphabetical order. Some of these are displayed by default, and the remainder are available in the column chooser:

Column Description

The task that is monitored. To see the steps that are included in the task, click the plus (+) sign in front of the task name. For tasks of type "SAP import", the task name indicates the system name and client ID of the SAP system from which user or license data was imported, in the format SystemName-ClientID.


The name of an inventory beacon involved in this task. One or more inventory beacons may be involved in a task.

When multiple inventory beacons are involved in a Discovery and inventory rule task, the task will appear in multiple rows at the top level, with each row corresponding to an individual beacon involved.

This property is displayed by default. Best practice is to keep this property visible in the listing so that you can easily distinguish rows with the same task name but operating through different inventory beacons.

Editable in the General tab of the inventory beacon properties.

Connection type
The type of the connection used for this task. It can have any of the following values:
  • CSV
  • One-off upload
  • Other
  • PowerShell
  • SQL Server
Note: You cannot currently filter for these values.
Created by

The name of a operator who started this task or step.

End date

The date and time when this step or task was completed.


For tasks of the type SAP import, a text file with detailed information is available for the step "Gathering inventory data" and "Importing into application server". Click Download log to download.

Use the log file to find out which SAP tables have been read and if the action was successful.

Server name

The name of the inventory beacon or central application server where this task or step is running.

Start date

The date and time when this step or task was initiated.

The status of this step or system task. For any Discovery and inventory rule task or step, the displayed status is the status of this task or step on the inventory beacon identified in this row. When this task/step runs on only one inventory beacon, this value becomes the overall status of the task/step. It can have any of the following values:
  • Completed
  • Completed with errors
  • Failed
  • In progress
  • In progress with errors
  • Pending
  • Scheduled
  • Skipped
  • Started
  • Timed out
  • Unknown.
    Tip: An overnight clean-up process marks any individual step as timed out if it has already been running for more than 24 hours. The parent system task is marked as timed out as soon as any individual child step has timed out.
Instance region

A short description of the outcome of the task or task step. You may also notice the See details link for some tasks. You can click this link to view a detailed summary of activities performed within that task.

Task type

The type of the task that is monitored. For SAP data, the task types SAP import and SAP license position.