User Activity

The User Activity analysis enables you to display all transaction codes that were used by a specific user in any role. The analysis shows how much a user used a specific transaction code and whether the transaction code is included in the selected role. This makes the User Activity analysis a useful tool for identifying a user's overall activities and for cleaning up a user's roles.

The analysis shows the user activity for the parameters (for example, systems, role name, or period) that were specified for the underlying Role Utilization report.

To analyze the activity of a specific user:

  1. Execute a Role Utilization report by following the steps described under Creating a Role Utilization Report.
  2. In the report, select the row for the user and the role whose activity you want to analyze.
  3. On the Advanced menu, point to Analysis, and then click User Activity.
The User Activity dialog displays the following information.
Column Name Description
System ID The three-character ID of the system on which the user was active.
Client ID The client ID of the system on which the user was active.
User Name The name of the user whose activity is analyzed.
Role Name The name of the role whose utilization is analyzed. If a transaction code is not included in the selected role, the Role Name field is blank.
Transaction Code The transaction code that the user has used.
CPU Time The CPU time (in seconds) that the user spent on a transaction code.
Percentage The amount of time, expressed as a percentage, that the user spent on a transaction code. The percentages of all transaction codes that the user used add up to 100%.