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FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)
This tab identifies the product rule set.
Tip: You cannot modify any of these values when the points rule set is supplied through the Application Recognition Library. When you create a new points rule set within your enterprise, you may edit only the Name on this page.

The following controls are available on this tab.

Control Notes
License type

The kind of software license to which this points rule set may be applied. In general, each points rule may apply only to the one type of license (although you may link one rule set to as many licenses of the same type as you like). One exception is that the Oracle Processor points rule set may be used with both Oracle Processor licenses and Oracle Named User Plus licenses.

This value is also echoed in the top-right corner of each properties page for the points rule set, so that it is visible as you work on other details.

For locally-created rule sets, the license type is selected as you start the creation process (see Create a Points Rule Set).


Keep the name distinct within its first few words so that you can easily differentiate between sets in the list.

Identifies where this record originated. Values may be:
  • Local — This points rule set was created within your enterprise. You may edit or delete this record.
  • Flexera — This points rule set was downloaded in the Application Recognition Library. You may not delete them nor modify any of the factory-supplied values in these sets. You may, however, add additional points rules to the set, or disconnect the set from any licenses (presumably to replace them with a points rule set of your own, as points-based licenses cannot calculate compliance without such a rule set).
  • Flexera (extended) — This points rule set originated in the Application Recognition Library, but has since had additional rules added locally.
  • Shared — This points rule set was created by a managed service provider (MSP) and shared across its customers
  • Shared (extended) — This points rule set was created by your MSP, but subsequently extended with additional rules created within your enterprise.

Read only.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2