Points Rule Set Properties

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

A points-based license, such as Oracle Named User Plus or IBM UVU, may have a set of rules against which each installation of associated software is tested. Only if the installation matches at least one rule from the set of rules is the installation allowed to consumed entitlements (or points) from the license. The number of points consumed by each installation is specified in the rule that it matched.

Points-based licenses do not store their points sets within the license record, but instead link to a separate collection of points rules sets. You can manage your collection through the Points Rule Sets page (see Points Rule Sets). From that page, you can open this properties page when you:

  • Create a new points rule set
  • Add an individual points rule to any set
  • Review the properties of a points rule set that has been downloaded with the ARL (although, apart from adding additional rules, you cannot change any of those properties of the set)
  • Change settings or properties for a points rule set you have created within your enterprise.
Tip: Changes to a points rule set affect all linked licenses, no matter when the assignment of a points set was made. (Technically, the license is linked to the points set definition, and does not make a copy of the definition.)

The property dialog initially has two tabs, and a third that is added on demand:

  • The General tab identifies the set itself and the type of software license to which it may be linked
  • The Points rules tab lists all the individual points rules that currently form part of the set.
  • The Licenses tab is displayed once the points rule set has been linked to at least one license, and lists the software licenses that currently reference this points rule set.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2