Licenses Tab (Points Rules Set Properties)

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 (On-Premises)

This tab lists the licenses that are linked to this points rule set, using the rules it contains to determine points consumption at each license reconciliation.

You may review which licenses are linked to this points rule set, and you may open the License Properties page for any listed license (select the license, then click Open; or simply double-click the license).

You cannot edit the link between the points rule set and any license from here. To change this relationship, you must open the License Properties page for the appropriate license and work from the Identification tab (see Deleting a License from the Points Rule Set).

The following properties (listed here alphabetically) of the linked licenses are available in the list of Licenses using this points rule set:

Column Notes
The license name may be:
  • Copied from the first-linked software product
  • Derived from the License Name field of the SKU in the first-linked purchase (or if there is no SKU, from the purchase Description field)
  • Created manually.

The name of the publisher of this software, responsible for its development and distribution.

Corporate unit, Cost center, or Location

The name of the related enterprise group.

These are enterprise groups listed on the Ownership group of the license properties.

The edition property of the license. Commonly this echoes the edition of an application attached to the license, but may be used in other ways in your enterprise.


The delegate who has responsibility for the license.

Product (primary)

The basic name of the application, excluding the publisher and references to versions or editions. This field displays the value Multiple products for multi-product licenses that have multiple primary products. See Multi-Product License.

The license conveys the right to use this software product.

The version assigned to the license. This may be tracking versions of a linked application, or may an independent value.

FlexNet Manager Suite (On-Premises)

2022 R2